Services in the field of architecture in Kiev , Kiev region and throughout Ukraine!
1. The development of urban calculation for graduslovy and restrictions (Album graphical , analytical sections).
2. Development of the sketch construction intentions for building passport (for single-family homes, cottages up to 300 square meters).
3. Binding of temporary structures for entrepreneurship with the development of the facade sketch, neighborhood beautification scheme for passports binding.
4. The development of preproposals of buildings, structures and their complexes.
5. Development of architectural projects of residential and public buildings in Kiev, Kiev region and throughout Ukraine.
6. Photographic images and architectural measurements of moving into the area.
7. Advice on urban planning legislation, the application of construction standards, provide input for the design, implementation issues of construction works (povіdomlennya, deklaratsіya toscho), admission to the completed construction projects .
8. Analysis of buildings and building sites.
9. Compilation of findings and conclusions.
As well as architectural models, 3d models (visualization ), brand development and Neumann.
In the field of urban planning and architecture implement an order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, preparing responses to the request of the Administration of the President of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, people\’s deputies of Ukraine, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, central authorities , mayors , local councilors , businesses and individuals.
He took active part in organizing the celebration of architecture Ukraine, preparing meetings, round tables, the Action Plan of the Department and Division. We perform ongoing work with local governments, local authorities and main departments, departments of planning and architecture Crimea, regional, Kyiv and Sevastopol state administrations, the executive committees of local councils.
Tentative list of items to rate:
Economic and auxiliary buildings in residential buildings, garden (summer) houses, for watch houses and hostels.
1-3 -storey manor houses, one 3-storey buildings with apartments block type in different levels, cottage type houses for individual developers.
2-4 ( 5)-storey residential apartment buildings and 2-4-story dormitories and shelters.
5-9 (10)-story dormitories, 3-5-storey residential buildings with apartments for the disabled, 6-9 (10)-storey residential apartment buildings, hotels III-IV category.
The room is temporary children (nursery-kindergarten branch).
Family nursery – gardens
Nursery, kindergarten and nursery – gardens of the general type
Special kindergartens
Centers preschool
Secondary schools: elementary, basic (incomplete medium , medium )
Specialized Schools: Boarding schools, schools for children with defects in development
Houses and Palaces of students and young
School and studio arts ( art, music, dance )
Buildings young technicians and scientists
Children and clubs
School and other secondary specialized educational institutions
Centers and Institutes retraining and
Township and village councils, as well as houses of economic management featured in the towns and villages
Executive committees of district councils and their departments and management
Office of Administration, prosecutors, management sectors of the economy, managing cooperative organizations
Municipality and its departments and management
Judicial and legal agencies and prosecutors
Buildings insurance companies, corporations, associations, consortia, employment centers
Building design and construction organizations
Building information centers
House archives
Dairy\’s Kitchen, points of distribution
Clinics, dispensaries, clinics
Homes ambulance, sanitation centers, blood transfusion station
Health camps for students and young
Tourist centers
Sanatorium, resort and treatment
Homes for the disabled and elderly
Regional Service Centers
Open planar sports and sports and recreation facilities
Sport clubs
Sport and Recreation and sports and leisure facilities
Facilities for Shooting and archery
Facilities for winter sports
Facilities for water sports
Dance halls, night clubs, halls of slot machines, casino
Club houses, homes and cultural centers, entertainment centers, home teachers, doctors, scientists, artists, architects, composers and other planetariums
Building work (writers, composers, artists, architects)
Specialty stores (food and nonfood )
Open markets
Covered markets, pavilions
Bars (wine, milk, fruit )
Canteens (general type of sugar)
Cafe general type and specialized (Pierogi, sosysochni, barbecue, bouillon, kulishni, pizza, etc.)
Complete catering
Comprehensive receiving items Consumer Services
Specialized studios and workshops, receiving centers, dry cleaning, washing, etc.
Homes life
Fashion houses, homes Beauty
registry office
Funeral Bureau
Housing offices and associations
Public toilets
Motels, camping
Bath, Bath recreation complex
ticket offices
Offices services, transahentstva
Enterprises communications
Post offices and communications centers
houses of worship
Administrative and business centers
1. Problems of communication links in the districts of Kyiv // Modern problems of architecture and urban planning. Issue 9.: Collected Works.- K.: KNUBA, 2001.-C. 150-154.
2. Biosotsialni conditions forming a network of rehabilitation centers for welfare of people of retirement age in Kiev // Modern problems of architecture and urban planning. Issue 10.: Collection of scientific labors-K.: KNUBA, 2002.-C 179-183.
3. Complex building neighborhood centered vocational rehabilitation of disabled employment and other limited mobility of the population // Promising directions designing residential and public buildings. Special Issue. Current trends in architecture and construction: Collected Works.-K.: KyyivZNDIEP, 2003.-C. 43-46.
4. The principles of residential buildings, complexes with the structure of geriatric rehabilitation // Future Directions designing residential and public buildings.: Collected Works.-K.: KyyivZNDIEP, 2003.-C. 59-64.
5. Protection system disabled and limited mobility of the population of the urban environment pollution factors in a rehabilitation center // Actual problems of hygiene and ecological safety of Ukraine.: Collected Works of .-AK: Institute for Hygiene and Medical Ecology. Marzeyev Medical Sciences of Ukraine, 2003-S. 139.
6. Functional and planning organization of centers of vocational and employment rehabilitation of disabled persons and other small mobile groups // Rehyonalnyie problems arhytekturi and hradostroytelstva. Vshusky 6.5.-Odessa: OHASA, 2003.-S. 139-144.
7. Problems develop design standards of vocational and employment centers for rehabilitation of disabled persons and other small mobile groups // Future Directions designing residential and public buildings.: Collected Works.-K.: KyyivZNDIEP, 2004.-C. 102-105.
8. Evolution of the types of rehabilitation centers work with the needs of disabled and limited mobility of the population // Future Directions designing residential and public buildings. Special Issue. And sports facilities, adapted for the needs of the disabled: Collected Works.-K.: KyyivZNDIEP, 2005.-C. 75-80.
9. \”The concept of information and geographic information technologies in the\” Environment, human health.\” First All-Ukrainian Congress of the \”Medical and Biological Informatics\” with international participation (23-26 June 2010). Medical and Biological Informatics and Cybernetics. K-c. 66.
10.\”The question of bioethics in the planning areas, transportation network, building and operation of residential and public buildings and facilities.\” Fourth National Congress on Bioethics with international participation (20-23 September 2010). National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Ministry of Health of Ukraine.-Kyiv, 2010-c. 103.104.

Practice: Architectural design project сonception and

1. Innovative architectural studies of new types buildings
in city;

2. All types of architectural project, calculations and

3. Development public buildings and complexes, quarters of

4. Design project office centres, planning for quaters
complexs, cottage settlements, country houses, industrial targets, business the
centres, hotels, shopping centres, typical cafes, the service centres, fitness
clubs, fitness the centres, trading entertaining complexes, the logistical
centres, wholesale warehouses, clothes shops, sports bars, children\’s complexes
and entertaining parks.

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